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Founded in 2001, the beginning of the establishment of the Christmas lighting, holiday lighting as the core business, specializing in the production of various Christmas, holiday LED lamp string.After several years of precipitation, relying on professional technology, excellent quality control, the company's products sold in Europe, the United States and all over the world.

With the wide application of LED lighting, our company (copper wire lighting manufacturer) added the production workshop of copper wire LED lamp string in 2012, with professional equipment and professional r&d personnel such as LED mounter, automatic glue dropper and so on.Copper lamp string functional features: energy saving and environmental protection, long life, bright colors, delicate shapes, diverse, light and soft, daytime invisible effect, safe and reliable power supply, up to dozens of lighting modes;Choose monochrome change, fast and slow flash change, color change, color gradient.Indoor and outdoor are available, is a new technical products, mainly used for Christmas and other holidays of indoor and outdoor decoration, light line is flexible, can be bent at will, design product modeling, the main features of the product: energy conservation and environmental protection, low temperature, long life, wide application, can be woven into various lights and art & NBSP;.

Because of focus, so professional.Welcome customers at home and abroad to visit hongshun lighting co., LTD., guidance and business negotiations.

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